Author Topic: Get Together / Headphone Listening Party - Sunday, December 14th, 2015 1PM-9PM  (Read 28126 times)

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It's almost midnight on a Sunday night. I would like to listen to music right now but I'm the only mouse stirring.
Exactly the reason you need a headphone setup.  Heck, just one.   :-P


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I really hate I missed the opportunity to attend another G2G at your home on Sunday.  The hobby I adopted since I backed away from my audio passion, Rimfire Benchrest Shooting, had me attending a National Match in Luray, VA. 

It would seem I missed out on some great new technology and getting to see some old friends again. 

Merry Christmas!


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I'm glad everyone had a great time....  I had an absolute blast.  I wish I could have had more time to listen to some of the cool gear that showed up... lessons learned on the setups and computer issues killing me and eating up time that I could have been socializing or listening.... won't make those mistakes again.... every time you host one of these things, you learn a few more tricks to make the next one run smoother....  key is to have enough of them so that you don't forget all the tricks by the time the next hosting opportunity rolls around... or at least that is going to be my selling point to the better half to get away with having another one sooner rather than later :)

I'm still playing catchup from it all.... and about to pull out all my hair dealing with website issues and idiot hosting providers, etc..... they don't like to tell you about all the time vortex that e-commerce websites can be....

FYI... I found an extra coffee mug that someone left behind... if it is yours, please PM me to make arrangements for me to get it to you... thanks!

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Hopefully see you all again real soon!
Shane Sangster
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That's my coffee mug.. that was from the first G2G when I rode my bike.  Oops.. I meant to get it one of the 3 or 4 times I've been back there. 

Looking forward to hearing the latest stuff... I think a little tube amp for headphones is in my future.  Whether the Fostex or the new thing you were talking about... I'm fairly interested in going that route.

I just wish the Momentums were a tiny bit more comfy.. but whatever, for the SQ, I think they're the ones for me.

I really enjoy listening to music.

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I've got a slightly different need in headphones...  I need something I can use in the office.  BUT... I get interrupted *A LOT*!  So I need something that is easy on/off and that is not totally isolating because I need to hear when someone knocks or calls my name, or the phone rings.  (I know - kinda defeats the benefit of wearing headphones in the office  :duh

I've been using a pair of Senn PX-100s which are just OK sound-wise, but may be the best for my work scenario.  I have been curious about the Momentums.   

I will say that using the iFi Micro DSD in the office between computer and headphones (or iPhone and headphones) has been an eye-opening improvement.