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slow death of a tube
« on: May 17, 2008, 06:40:13 AM »
noticed the other day my car stereo sounded better than my home unit cd's-

then it dawned on me i thought the tuna sounded better a few days ago also-

so i opened up the cdp and did a tube swap(6922)it had a diamond bottom telefunkin or so i thought-i remembered reading if you couldnt wipe off the lettering it was a fake-well guess what,you could rub this tube till a genie showed up and the paint wouldnt come off-guess i had a fake in it for over a year-i have a bad real tele i never trashed,rubbed it and the paint came off easily

whats weird is the way the tube died- music started coming directly from the speakers-yet remained balanced-no side was stronger than the other- i guess thats why i didnt notice it sooner-

so now im back up and running- the hp 6922 tube sounds nice-but i did like the sound from the fake telefunkin also-