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The Purity Audio Design Reference Linestage receives the "Select Component" Award on UltraAudio (part of the Soundstage! Network.

The high frequencies were sweet, silky, airy, and delicate -- and, at other times, so revealing of information that my brain had to work hard to take it all in. The Purity Reference’s bass performance was among the best I’ve heard. The bass was deep, tight, detailed, and full, and rendered with lifelike clarity. The midrange was textured and present, with no hint of sounding soft or muffled. The palette of colors and timbres offered by the Reference was broad and rich. The Reference had “see-through” soundstaging in my system that was difficult for me to quantify -- stages seemed to extend past my room’s side and front walls, with images that were clearly delineated, dimensional, and well defined. In fact, the Purity Reference imaged with the best I’ve had in my listening room.

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