Author Topic: Response Audio will stop production of Musica Bella products soon -new ventures  (Read 891 times)

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We currently have a few remaining pieces that we will be selling on a custom order basis.
Spirit Linestage - 4 chassis left
Segue Tube Buffer Preamp/Buffer - 1 chassis left

I am now doing design work for Raven Audio with a few very cool products in the works at this very moment.
I am actually listening to one of them right now.

I have also been working on a new series for Purity Audio Design. Stay tuned for further details. We will be limiting the lineup to only 3 products and will conti ue to offer unique high-end product with one exception....we will no longer be going through a dealer network. What does this mean for you? Easy...better prices.
We currently have 1 chassis left to build a Purity Audio Design Reference or Statement tube linestage.

We will still continue to service all Musica Bella and Purity products.

If you are interesting in having a custom Spirit or Segue built for you, please contact me to discuss detils. Once these last remaining  pieces are sold, I will take a hiatus for a while to focus on the new and exciting ventures.

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Sounds exciting and challenging. Good luck on the new venture 👍
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Good luck with your new ventures Bill.
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  Good luck, keep us posted on new products.

contact me  at or visit us on Facebook
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Trying to maintain several lines is tough.  Raven does great work and you will be a feather in the corporate cap.

Enjoy your short respite.
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Thanks guys. Looks lime I will be transitioning over to Raven completely over the next few months. Lots of exciting things going on right now. Tbey also now have Raven speakers.