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Folsom DIY7297 & Antipole; LOFI, DCS1 & DCS2
« on: September 01, 2017, 02:12:15 PM »
Hi everyone, Rollo suggested I post here about some PCB boards I have up for sale.

First is the DIY7297 amplifier & Antipole PSU. There are a few threads about them: here & here. I can't even begin to cover all the pics and comments in this thread.

The DIY7297 amp is two channel 15w, not bridgeable. My version has a KMR section that acts as a capacitor multiplier & voltage regulator. This cuts down noise and makes sure you don't blow up the chip. It features smart PCB layouts such as CFC (capacitor field cancellation), copper pours, and optimized grounding direction that have been tested. It's fitted to accept a variety of input capacitors; and bypass capacitors.

The Antipole psu features an AC filter (CMC & caps), unique to perhaps it in all the world. The same CFC and copper pours are deployed. It uses TO-220 diodes, and fits the amazing Nichicon KG snap caps. It also has aux outputs. This is compatible with lots of projects, and was found to be a big improvement for classD amps like the TPA3116. It is only a single channel output.

Next up are my new GB items:LOFI, DCS1 & DCS2 (here) . All of which haven't hit critical mass (yet). They are designed for use on small signal devices and small amplifiers (generally less than the 7297).

The LOFI is "low output, filterd input". It's just a play on acronym and ironic term. It features what many people know as a "felix" on the input, essentially. The CMC used is also a DMC, by Coilcraft that provides a whopping 25mh. It's a board for the input filter and a high versatile transformer with a variety of voltage options - the Hammond 229 48va. It is compatible with 115/230v, and you can select series or parallel secondaries. If you need + and - output you can use the center tape, CT. This Hammond transformer is a dual bobbin that acts like an RF filter itself, high recommendable for signal devices (Peter Daniels is a big fan, and he started down the path after Mark Levinson being all about them).

The board uses copper pours, has resistors for stopping resonations in the CMC, optional RC for the primary/post CMC, and essentially condenses size into a "wad" of iron that can fit in a smaller space that most are use to with a transforer and 'felix' style filter.

The DCS1 & DCS2 are compact rectifier and ripple filter boards. They feature copper pours and CFC. They are made to use TO-220 diodes such as the MUR860. They have RC's on them that use trimmers so you can fine tune for sound. They have discharge resistors placement. They fit Nichicon 20mm snap caps, KG series (and other snap caps 20mm in diameter). They're small and easy to mount along with the profile of the LOFI. The 1 is for 1 output like if you just need 15v + , and the 2 is for + and - output.

As with everything I make, I provide what I consider to be really good documentation. I consider it all to be luxury DIY in sound and easy of use.




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Re: Folsom DIY7297 & Antipole; LOFI, DCS1 & DCS2
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 09:23:39 AM »
Good stuff Folsom. Thanks for the info. DIYers get cracking.

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Re: Folsom DIY7297 & Antipole; LOFI, DCS1 & DCS2
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2017, 01:45:04 PM »

     Do we order these here or on DIYAUDIO?  Also what is the max power?  Thank you.

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Re: Folsom DIY7297 & Antipole; LOFI, DCS1 & DCS2
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2017, 08:55:23 PM »
Well the DIY7297 & Antipole anywhere. For the LOFI, DCS1 & DCS2 I can add your name from anywhere but prefer to be able to send a group PM on DIYaudio for simplification. It sucks to lose track of someone.

Power for?

The DIY7297 is 15w per channel. It can peak up towards 25w. The LOFI is 48va only.