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In my monoblock amps, I am currently running either Winged Cs/Bugleboy E88CC, or with a slight adjustment, SED KT88s/JJ E88cc, they both sound incredible. Some day I would not mind trying the KT 150s to see how good they are but with the unbelievable sound of the KT88s, I don' t see any great need.



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My sentiments as well Tmazz. I have 7 Winged C KT88s, and 6 Winged C 6550s. I also have 4 SED KT88s, and other brands.

My interest is two fold, but mainly the first point.

1) See if I can obtain the same sonics with newly manufacturered tubes, like SED6550s vs NOS tubes. I have in my monoblocks.

2) With the KT150s, I can obtain a nice power output increase in triode mode and of course UL mode, but not too important right now.


Pre/Amp/ICs are the only components that can be tested for accuracy/naturalness.

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