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Re: Steve, great post!
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Thanks dBe. Much appreciated. It is always an up hill battle because individuals have been misled by advertising, marketer(s) or designer(s). Marketing always triumphs. But hopefully, my information will help some.

Look at all the upgrades, new models that come out year after year. Why, if they have optimized their designs long ago.

How many advertisers claim they artificially flavor their design(s) for listener's tastes? I have not seen one yet. They all sound different, so which one designs and tests properly and which does not?

Of course cosmetics is a consideration.



ps. I am thinking about either selling my designs, or manufacturing a 10A line preamplifier again. Probably very limited production if it does occur.
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Pre/Amp/ICs are the only components that can be tested for accuracy/naturalness.

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Re: Steve, great post!
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2017, 11:58:45 AM »
One of the myths of audio, especially audio is "the latest and greatest".  I learned long ago that the "this years new, great piece" was last years piece with a cheaper mode of manufacture sporting the whiz-bang trendy cosmetics that go along with a higher retail price.

I am a nuts and bolts kind of guy.  That is why I gravitate to tube gear or really smart, lees is more SS designs by people like Nelson Pass.    Not to mention that fewerr devices don't screw with the signal nearly as much.

Same goes for speaker design.  Years ago I got in a LOOOOOOONG discussion with one of the "gurus" on another site about design philosophy.  His idea was to get everything flat using conjugate networks needed to use pound a driver with passband peaks and spikes that were just stupid big in amplitude.  My approach was to use drivers with out of passband responses that were smooth a couple of octaves out of the passband, align acoustic centers and use something like a second order L/R crossover.  The only netweorks that I would use were zobels or purely resistive impedance compensation to make the speaker easy to drive.  Certainly my designs might not have been ruler flat from DC to light, but they don't sound constipated in the way only too many components can do.

I really do think that a good preamp opens the window to great sound.  Think hard and let us know.  There is always room for excellence.   :thumb:
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