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Re: Acoustic Revive RR-888
« Reply #30 on: March 19, 2018, 12:32:50 PM »
  After living with the RR-888 for a couple of weeks now I can now appreciate what they offer. The recording enviorment of the recording comes though in spades. The decay of harmonics has expanded to my listening chair. Just fills the dam room. I can feel the sound now. Amazing. It is when you unplug it the effect just goes away.
Doug has supplied a bunch of choices to choose from. BTW two make it even better. A no brainer for any system
Besides the sonic benefit I just feel better. More relaxed with no sleeping issues.
One does not need a high end system to hear the improvements which makes it appeasing. I'm hooked, one would have to rip it from my dead cold hands.

from what i can tell, the "chartres se 4" (~$260 shipped) iteration looks much more powerful than the rr-888(shown on the right; pic on ebay is larger):

and their less expensive model (~$75 shipped) looks a mite better than the rr-777:

the less expensive ones on amazon seem to be closer to the original rr-77.  it seems that if you want several, these less expensive units would be the way to go.


doug s.
ps - yes, i read that one in the bedroom is good for sleeping...

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Re: Acoustic Revive RR-888
« Reply #31 on: March 19, 2018, 01:25:58 PM »
The RR-888 is available at for $685.   I'd worry that the one on ebay is just a knock-off.    At the full price, I'm pretty sure it will work wonders to my ears.   At $39 from Amazon,  I'd be less easily convinced.   

OK, kidding aside, I did try the early RR-77 many years back.  Thought I heard/felt a difference but who knows - may have just been expectation bias.   I also got caught up in the Alan Maher tweaks and cyrstals as well.   We've all tried lots of different things over the years.   Like all tweaks - it never hurts to try.   Just wish there was a site where I could flip some of the stuff I've accumulated over the years.

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Re: Acoustic Revive RR-888
« Reply #32 on: March 19, 2018, 10:21:23 PM »
Iv'e Seen the D-stat (that little gun thing) and have thought about getting one. Not sure if it would do any good.
How does one get their paws on a magnetic tape bulk eraser. Is this a one time shot or do you
need to redo every so often? Guess I could just send the 400+ cds to you Dave and when could
ya get back to me?

   That is one I have. Performed an exorcist of those nasties yesterday and was very pleased with result. Just sounded better overall. What ever sibilants  were present [ hardly any or none to begin with] with vocals is now completely gone, gone, gone. Cleaned up top end big time.


Id like to understand in more detail why is there an improvement after demagnetizing a disc?

I'm not sure there is a whole lot of detail to it. Magnetic fields on the disc can cause a "bend" in the laser light path whick can result in the reflected light not missing the photo sensor and certain bits not being read properly. If the magnetic field was static it would not be a problem as the photo cell could be adjusted to compensate for the4 bend, but since the discs is spinning, that means the magnetic field is moving around and the displacement from the intended laser path out be random in nature causing data errors.

Nick, using this device accomplishes the same thing as the Bedini Ultraclarifier.just not automatically as you would need to hold down the power button on the demag unit and move it around by hand.

And if you do use one of these devices be sure that it is always moving while it is on and move it at least an arm's length away from the CD before letting go og the power button t the sudden collapse of the magnetic field will re-magnetize the disc (or at least that is how it worked when we bulk erased reel to reel tapes when  I worked at the radio station.

Thanks, Tom. It appears error correction, or actually lack of absolute error correction,  may be the culprit. My CDs are on a data file, but there are some new ones I need to rip. So my thinking is if some of these gizmos work, why not use them before ripping to possibly get a better sounding permanent result. Maybe I have a demagnifier and antistatic device in an old musty audio box in the garage. Gotta check.....

I think you are on the right track as to why. I think it would probably be the lower of a need for error correction as the demag process will remove a problem that could introduce errors. Keep in mind that into most cases what we refer to as "error correction" with realtime CD playback is not really error correction but rather interpolation, a process in which the CD player makes a guess at what the next value should be based on the read values around it. So the less guessing you have to do, the better off you are.
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Re: Acoustic Revive RR-888
« Reply #33 on: March 26, 2018, 12:51:59 PM »
  OK we compared RR-888 to RR-777 and the 888 was more affective. Using a more powerful power supply [3.5W] made the affect even more noticeable.
  When unplugged during demonstration the sound stage collapses, F'n amazing IMHO. Orientating them S. also made an improvement over E. to W. go figure. Well our magnetic fields go N. to S. that is why.
  This is NOT subtle. Yes $685 is not inexpensive. The end result is that there are zero components out there that can bring this affect for $685.
  Going to try [4] units. My customer has two and we will use all of them , N,S,E and W. Yes I sleep better and just so relaxed.

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