Author Topic: HAL MS-3 and dspMusikLCD for speaker and room correction with The Monoliths  (Read 36 times)

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The Monoliths speakers will be a test bed for a new upgrade capability for the dspMusikLCD. I have one unit upgraded with the new 21469 dspblok with the new XU208 async USB interface that now has the long convolutional filters available.

With the new ADC to USB output feature, speaker and room measurements are now possible using any number of methods available on a PC with Windows and Linux. Room EQ Wizard is one of the software programs that gives a few new capabilities and works with the 24bit/192KHz ADC in the dspMusikLCD.

Room EQ Wizard can export measured data and filter parameters for other programs to use. This will be the method to make the filters needed for response correction.

Since the system has balanced line level inputs, I will be using an Earthworks M550 calibrated Omni mic and Earthworks 1021 mic preamp chosen for their very short impulse response. This will minimize the effect of the mic in the measured data.

Since Room EQ Wizard offers a house EQ capability a new in-room response curve has been designed that has worked very well for planars and open baffle servo subs in an acoustically corrected room.

Once the Monoliths are completed, the testing will start with the new measurements.