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Self-Help / Re: Speaker cabinet damping (Kairos kit)
« Last post by richidoo on Today at 09:23:40 AM »
The eco core from Meniscus is recycled demin cotton batt. It is extremely powerful acoustic absorber, makes excellent bass traps. I have 12 pieces of 2 foot x 8 foot x 4" that I roll up inside garbage bags. I have 1" thick sheets of it also. Whenever I put it inside a speaker it damps the drivers too strongly and sucks out the life and midrange detail. 

On the other hand, you want a lot of stuffing inside a box to minimize the internal reflections. This is why the polyfill is the right choice. It fills half the box as specified but does not overly damp the woofer, because it's a relatively lousy absorber. Air does not feel friction when passing through polyfill as much as it does with cotton or fiberglass insulation. A thin layer of cotton batt on the walls should work even better than polyfill for reflections, and have less driver damping than the 1" cotton. I have some 1/2" stuff sold online by Homedepot that I will be trying if I ever build new speakers.
Self-Help / Re: Speaker cabinet damping (Kairos kit)
« Last post by Ita0101 on Today at 07:44:46 AM »
I will stick to original plans.

Thanks for the info Dave
PM sent
Ok, sorry, I was going by your equipment list in signature. Well, if you don't mind a little smell of glue, you could get a pair of these:
For $600 you would have a pair of very small, relatively light, but very potent little subs, including all DSP needed, high pass for your KEFs and plenty EQ.
You can always get a Umik and REW for measurements. Plenty of online tutorials, easy setup, < $100.
My 2c
Speakers / Re: servo controlled subwoofers vs conventional subwoofers
« Last post by S Clark on Today at 06:00:47 AM »
Servos are fast.  Therefore they are articulate and detailed.  I remember the first time I heard them at Danny's I told him it was the first time I'd hear the bottom dozen notes of a concert grand that actually sounded like a concert grand. Specifically, they have the attack, reproduce the decay, and include the resonance of the piano body.  The other way to do that is with dozens of smaller woofers each loafing along so that they have a quick recovery (big line source speakers).
Danny has now moved all his efforts into open baffle.  But in a sealed box, they don't take up a lot of real estate, but still deliver 95% of the goods. 
Ive build several subs, some ok, some pretty darn good.  I've replaced them with servos.  A friend has the LS-50's.  We set them up in my room, and they clearly benefited from a sub. 
Speakers / servo controlled subwoofers vs conventional subwoofers
« Last post by Nick B on Today at 01:26:07 AM »
In another thread, Iíve received lots of information and recommendations regarding subwoofers. As I played some particular music tonight, it was quite obvious that a sub or subs would have benefited the sound tremendously.  The LS 50s were glorious tonight, especially with the help of the newly added Icepower amp..thanks TomS...and the Border Patrol SE dac...thanks Emil. Based on what Iíve read and whatís been recommended here, I certainly lean towards the smallest, but still very heavy, Rythmik L12. Next choice would be the SVS SB 1000. Danny Ritchieís subs arenít being considered...theyíre just too big and heavy.

What I donít have is an exact grasp on is what are the differences that Iím likely going to hear going servo vs using a conventional sub. Is more information going to be presented? Will it be more accurate as to the attack and decay of notes? Will it sound a bit more organic? (I hope)
Some of you have heard servo subs at shows, dealers or friends homes or even have them in your homes. Is it worth the pita of moving a 58 lb sub with a hand cart and being extra careful so I donít screw up my back? What are you hearing that makes you like a servo sub so much? If the differences are small/very small, then it may not be worth it to me.
I should mention that very likely I would be putting the LS 50s on the subs.
Speakers / Re: want recommendations for small 2 way speakers and powered sub
« Last post by Nick B on July 18, 2018, 09:34:18 PM »
The SVS SB 1000 and Rythmik L12 are a little over $500 each. The only call Iíve made so far re the mini dsp is to Parts Express and the guy said to run both the subs and the LS 50s into the unit.
Ok, for the same price I'd go with the Rythmik, but the SVS is no slouch. Your call. Rythmik goes deeper with more wallop, but you said you don't listen to classical/pipe organs stuff, so may be moot. Your back might prefer the SVS over the 2x weight Rythmik (bigger motor and linear PS vs switch mode). Don't worry about subs forward of KEFs. That's not how phase alignment works. The DSP can create a small delay to align, but the low pass filter itself is already doing that, so may be moot.
I'm not clear on your system architecture (preamp???) so where does the Minidsp slot? If you run LP, you ok with digitizing? Nothing wrong if DAC is transparent, but some folks balk at that.
If you have a dual out preamp, that opens a lot of possibilities. You could keep all as is, use 2nd output for DSP/bass only. Avoid any further DSP for the KEFs.

I just recently got rid of my heavy SP Tech speakers and the heavy McCormack amp, so adding those rythmiks isnít super appealing. The preamp is through Charles.  Itís the Audio Hungary APR 204 tube preamp and it only has one set of outs.
Charles says itís an excellent preamp, especially for the money. I looked at pres from Cary, K & K, Herron, Allnic and others and just decided to take a chance on this one. My system performs quite well as is and I got a nice discount from Charles.
The minidsp is an inexpensive option and maybe just getting one or two subs to start and see how I can integrate them is the easy way to start. As to playing LPs, itís a long shot that I will get back into analog.
Speakers / Re: want recommendations for small 2 way speakers and powered sub
« Last post by Nick B on July 18, 2018, 09:18:05 PM »
Hi Doug,
The dual subs placement slightly forward of the kefs gives me a little wiggle room in case I go vinyl again and may need a bit of extra room for the TT. Otherwise, Iíd be able to time align them with the kefs. I like the kefs as is and donít see a need to make corrections for room anomalies, but heck, I donít know enough right now. My thoughts would be just to subject the subs to dsp.
This does add up to some extra 💰 re the dsp thing and I find it quite annoying that this audio hobby costs me more than I want to spend 😳
Iím looking at a fair amount of YouTube videos on subs and some guys like Paul McGowan are easy to understand. I wouldnít look forward to learning all about dsp software and having to take multiple measurements etc
nick, i know you don't want to take a loss on stands you just bought, but if you sell them, so you can place the kef's directly on the subs, you won't need any time alignment and you won't need any dsp for that.  it might end up being cheaper.

for me, the best bang-for-buck if you're going for a pair of subs would be to remove all frequencies below ~80hz from the kef's and the amp driving them.  ask aj about his speakers w/built-in powered subs, and how they relieve the rest of the speaker and the amp driving it, from seeing the lower frequencies...  and ask charles about the rethm's, w/their active subwoofer built-in, and how it relieves the horn and horn's amp from seeing the lower frequencies.  ;)

when i first went to subs, w/an active outboard x-over, my main speakers were thiel 3.5's, which are -2db at 20hz.  well, besides getting better bass, the upper bass and lower midrange were also improved, w/the thiels and their amp being crossed over at 70hz.

doug s.

I do expect very good things from adding a sub(s). Iím still liking the kefs even though I havenít dialed them in completely and the new laminate floor doesnít have an area rug yet. Iíd like to keep things simple for sure. The stands are sitting in Vegas at the dealerís place, so itís doable.
Manufacturer News / Re: P.I. audio group Modified P&S 5362A receptacle journey...
« Last post by Nick B on July 18, 2018, 09:08:09 PM »
I think I have these P & S receptacles iirc. Excellent sounding, big bang for the buck which I always appreciate 👍
Nick, nope. You have the hand polished, but without the goo.  I wasnít quite done with development when you bought your Uber.  The Mod receptacle is a VERY different animal from the polished, cryoed receptacles that you have.  Gotta have something in the pouch, you know   8) I donít have the latest and the greatest?! Iíll be curious what the differences are!
Manufacturer News / Re: P.I. audio group Modified P&S 5362A receptacle journey...
« Last post by P.I. on July 18, 2018, 08:14:59 PM »
I see 5362I, but I can't find any reference to P&S 5362A on the web. Is that a P.I. part number?
I wanted to see how it's made, internal details, etc.

Iíll be happy to disassemble several different receptacles and post gut shots of them if you wish.  I have a few here that I can do this to.  Really enlightening.  Very little symmetry.........
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