Author Topic: Asking Experts AGAIN! Caps!  (Read 2882 times)

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Re: Asking Experts AGAIN! Caps!
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Glad the preamp is working shek. Nice job on the mods!

I can still see all the posts ever made in this thread, so it's working. I think you can change how many posts appear on one page in your Account profile settings.  If not, use the page control buttons to go to previous page to see earlier posts. I'm set to default setting and I can see all the posts of this thread (besides this one) on the previous page.
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Re: Asking Experts AGAIN! Caps!
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  Shek leave the caps alone and try another more revealing cable or foote. Play around and have cheap solder-less fun.


Oh, Sir Charles, welcome back from FL.  One of these days, I may drop by your FL house...  I haven't been down there for a # of years.  I kept talking about visiting friends there (east coast), but... haven't yet.  I have a couple of snowbird friends.  I just haven't been there during the winter months.

Sorry, I forgot to reply to your advice.....  I think the cables I use are pretty good.  It's the basic issue with the puny pre.  After I put the new caps in, the transparency is definitely there.  So I can't blame the cables.  I have Cardas and/or Harmonic Technology interconnects.  They're musical, and reasonably good.  Hey, for like $400 a pair, I have to live with them :duh....